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Image criteria


Before uploading a file you must make sure the following criteria are met for your image:

  • must be your personal work and you must own the copyright upon everything within it
  • must be of least 3MP resolution
  • must be RGB, saved at the highest JPG quality
  • have a Model Release for all recognizable people in your image
  • for traced illustrations upload the original image in the Property Release area 
  • check carefully for copyright issues such as labels, logos, characters from cartoons or movies etc.
    Note that some buildings are protected by a trademark (such as new sculptures), cars like Lamborghini and Porsche, Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Coca-Cola bottle, the Olympic logo circles. 
  • check the image for all the faults listed in these guidelines
  • don't upload offensive content such as explicit nudes, drugs, people in offensive positions, racism
  • add a relevant description to your image longer than one word explaining the image
  • don't use all caps for the image name and description
  • model release files must be JPEG or PDF, filenames must contain only letters and numbers, no special characters.